rebel cakes... 

are amazing. you won't find a speck of bleached or enriched flours, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors or colors. what's left is cake made with real ingredients, full of real flavor.

I just wanted you to know
that the cake was pure perfection!
Not only was it stunning on the outside,
but the inside, too!
The flavors were perfectly balanced
and enjoyed by all!!
My birthday boy loved it,
and I felt good about
him eating it!
You made it so special,
thank you!
— Hannah

as far as ingredients go, I always use organic flour, organic butter and organic extracts in all my baking. because I maintain a cottage food operation and not a commercial kitchen, the styles of buttercreams I am able to use are limited, but don't fret - Rebel Pioneer's buttercreams, no matter what kind, are delicious and pair perfectly with our cake.

because I am obsessed with cake and nutrition (the two can mix, right?), I also offer the use of stoneware as a baking vessel versus solely aluminum pans.

now please, leave the worry of quality and goodness to your rebel baker and let me create your perfect indulgence.

*CAUTION: Contains Organic Ingredients