Rebel Sweets

I offer an array of handmade sweets to compliment any event. like all my desserts, I use a multitude of organic ingredients.


French macarons

crunch. chew. melt. make your mouth happy.

the use of organic powdered sugar, organic eggs and organic flavors do wonders for an already delicious dessert.

no artificial colors? nope. never.

dont even get me started on the possible fillings.

add these popular treats to your event.

$36+/doz    minimum 2 doz



small versions of my cakes. same rules apply.

$24+/doz (minis)    minimum 2 doz               

$54+/doz    minimum 2 doz


iced sugar cookies

it starts with a sugar cookie made with organic flour, organic butter, free range eggs, and organic flavors. its topped with a homemade royal icing made from quality ingredients without any preservatives found in common meringue powders. blamo.

available in vegan.

$54+/doz    minimum 2 doz


cookie and cake    truffles

if you love cookie dough or cake...try it dipped in chocolate. best. thing. ever. 

$36+/doz    1 doz minimum



small batch organic donuts

so donuts are probably my favorite thing in this whole world...besides onions. unfortunately i can't eat more than one traditional donut without feeling like....shit.

it's time to try a donut (almost) so healthy you can get away with eating a dozen...and they still taste oh-so good. lots of organic ingredients here and no shit.

$36+/doz    minimum 2 doz