Dozen Eggs

Dozen Eggs


**Pick Up Details: Pick is during Momemtum Martial Arts Hours ONLY - PM Pick Up Times Monday through Thrusday 4PM - 6:30 PM and Friday 4 PM - 6 PM**

Text me 775-225-1788 for more pick up details.

Our chickens are free to roam around, scratching, pecking and shitting where they like. They have a house that looks like an elaborate child’s playhouse, which we refer to as THE CHICKEN PALACE, to lay their golden eggs. You might see the price $7 and think, “wow that’s so much though” Guess what?! Our chickens are hand fed organic feed by us every day. We clean their coop, provide greens to them all day, name each one of them and show each chicken love. Not to mention, once you taste these eggs, you will understand why you are paying a bit more than you would for other organic eggs from the store. They’re fucking delicious! They know it, we know it and soon, so will you. Now order your eggs and enjoy the fruits or their labor.

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