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Upcoming Events

Our community is everything to us and we want to stay as involved as often as we can. Our events are not just for you to see us, but for us to be able to get out and see all of you! We understand you can't always make it into the bakery (trust us we get the whole "human" thing) and we want to show up where we can for you. So come to our next event, eat some baked goods, and have a blast with your rebel community!

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We're ready when you are - Meet up with us at our next event and indulge your inner rebel!

We're hosting a brunch-ish event! Sunday March 26th we'll be cookin' up some extra special treats, so come in and snag on-the-go or sit and enjoy right here in the shop!

Online Ordering
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​We're working to bring you Rebels treats to your finger tips through online ordering! Though we're not quite there yet, we can't wait!


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