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About Rebel Pioneer Bakery

We are a local bakery fighting for a better tomorrow through our female lead baking team.

We embody the rebel spirit daily, working to eliminate excess food waste, encompass more dietary alternatives/restrictions, and highlight the overall importance of the food you put in your body. All without compromising on flavor and morals.

We've been rockin' since 2017 on a mission to supply our amazing community with quality, delicious treats!

Mollie Connell

What can I say, I love baking for others and making people happy. We could deep dive into that I am sure, but let's not and say we did.


I love health, but can't deny the joy sweets bring. The two can mix, yeah?


Hey Rebels!

I’m Haylee, and I’ve been baking for as long as I can remember. I decorated my first cake when I was around 8, and now I’m the Lead Custom Cake Baker here at Rebel. I think I’ve come a long way since then, but I guess you’ll just have to place an order and see for yourself ;)

My journey to baking as a career was far from straight and narrow, but I’m so glad to have found my way here.


Beyond food, I love reading, traveling, and spending time with the lovely people in my life.

As a Midwestern gal with a background in psychology, it should come as no surprise that customer service and communication with you Rebels is at the top of my list. That said, we’ve got some cool shit in the works, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.


Whaddup Rebels, nice to meet you! I'm no baker and next to these badass ladies I'd stand no chance ;)


Luckily my position at Rebel is one comprised of client relations and lots of backend admin.


I'll be your gal for all things orders, events, and more behind the scenes to help these culinary creative geniuses bring your treats to life. 


Howdy Rebels! 

This is Savannah Rush and I’ll be your Lead House Baker.

This isn’t my first rodeo- with a Culinary CTE certification, a BS in Business Management from UNR, and a slew of craft store cake decorating classes under my belt, I feel very qualified to put delicious and gorgeous treats in your mouth. 

I’m a Vegas gal with a love of all things tasty. Outside of the kitchen, I love traveling, gaming, and spending time with my rescue greyhound, Tifa. 


As a Nevadan, born and raised, hospitality has never been lost on me. My greatest passion in life is being able to satisfy and impress others with my culinary creativity, and the hospitality industry has allowed me to make a career out of my passions. 

Let me feed you, darlings <3


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