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What’s better than dessert? Desserts made with no rules and good ingredients.

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Rebel cakes...  

are amazing. You won't find a speck of bleached or enriched flours, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors or colors. What's left is cake made with real ingredients, full of real flavor.


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Rebel Pioneer


704b S Virginia st Reno,NV 89501 in the Sticks located in Midtown, Reno NV.

Tues-Thur 7AM-1PM

Fri-Sat 7AM-4PM

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About Mollie & Rebel Pioneer Bakery

I am a cottage baker.
I believe in filling our bodies with nourishing food, but who doesn't have a sweet tooth? I took my passion for good food mixed in my love of baking and what I created were some damn good cakes. I hope you enjoy!

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Can't get enough of us? We don't blame you! Support local while sporting the coolest rebels you know! We call that a win-win ;)

From stickers to H20 holders, we've got you covered with our dope ass shit. Rep the coolest.

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