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What’s better than dessert? Desserts made with no rules and good ingredients.

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Rebel cakes...  

are amazing. You won't find a speck of bleached or enriched flours, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors or colors. What's left is cake made with real ingredients, full of real flavor.


Coming Soon

Rebel Pioneer

Organic Bakery

Storefront opening soon in the Sticks located in Midtown, Reno NV.

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About Mollie & Rebel Pioneer Bakery

I am a cottage baker.
I believe in filling our bodies with nourishing food, but who doesn't have a sweet tooth? I took my passion for good food mixed in my love of baking and what I created were some damn good cakes. I hope you enjoy!

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Can't get enough of us? We don't blame you! Support local while sporting the coolest rebels you know! We call that a win-win ;)

From stickers to H20 holders, we've got you covered with our dope ass shit. Rep the coolest.

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